Wright clarifies rumors on Washington's potential name options


On Monday, the Washington Football Team produced a video titled "Making the Brand," which concluded with team president Jason Wright sitting down with head coach Ron Rivera and general manager Martin Mayhew discussing three potential new name options. Those names were redacted in the video, but it was later confirmed that Washington is down to three final potential new monikers.

Earlier in the episode, the video captured Washington inviting select fans to FedEx Field to hear their opinions on possible names. During the three-minute-long clip, eight different options appeared on the jumbotron: Armada, Brigade, Commanders, Defenders, Presidents, Redhogs, Redwolves and Washington Football Team.

On Thursday, Wright took to Twitter to say that while the franchise is down to three names, the potential monikers they have chosen are not specifically from the eight that were shown on the jumbotron during the video.

"Just to be clear, because everyone keeps asking, we are down to and working through a final three but this is no form of final 8 list," Wright tweeted. "These are just a selection of names that happened to show up in the video our team produced."

While the list has been narrowed to three names, Washington will play the 2021 season as the 'Washington Football Team.' A new name will not be revealed before 2022.

Although it will be months before the rebrand is complete, Rivera said earlier this week he's excited for it all to come to fruition.


"Well, the nice thing is they ask my opinion about a lot of things," Rivera said. "That's cool. I really appreciate that. I am excited to see what does come down the pipe. I've given my input and it's been cool."

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