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Jason Wright: A new WFT name that begins with 'R' isn't a must

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For nearly 90 years, Washington's football franchise had a nickname that began with an "R." Therefore, as the organization continues its search for its next moniker, many hope and believe that the eventual choice will, too, commence with an "R."

But according to Washington team president Jason Wright, that's not something he's beholden to.

"I would say that we're definitely not orienting around a hashtag," Wright told JP Finlay in an interview on the Washington Football Talk podcast. "We're not trying to work something backwards into something that starts with 'R' or anything like that."

The hashtag Wright is referring to, of course, is "HTTR," one that can be found on license plates, in social media bios and even in tattoos belonging to the club's most ardent followers. It's almost as synonymous with the squad as the Burgundy and Gold uniforms.

So, to a certain faction of fans, keeping that piece of the past — which acts as a rallying cry online as well as in person — is vital.

Wright, however, doesn't necessarily see it that way.

Now, he didn't completely rule out the idea of settling on a name that leads with "Red-" like he did with Warriors earlier this week, but he also explained that "Red-" or any other "R" options won't get special treatment simply because they line up with the previous label. 

Wright went on to address the length of the name search, one that is intended to conclude in early 2022, at least a year-and-a-half after the team initially set out on its hunt. He understands the angst over the time it's taking, but he also trusts that, in the end, the detailed approach will prove to be the appropriate one.


"I actually think the journey through this, making sure there's the right engagement at each step along the way, making sure that the decision-making process is clear to folks wherever we can be open and clear about it, is almost as important as where we land," Wright said. "That shows that we're actually committed to stewarding this on behalf of the fan base."

In fact, he acknowledged that, absolutely, he would love to wrap up the entire thing immediately.

"The whole, 'Let's go to the ivory tower and make the decision,' hell yes, that feels a lot more simple," Wright said. "But it's not the right thing for this fan base."

In Wright's mind, Washington's new brand — no matter the letter it kicks off with — will be better thanks to the scrupulousness of the current search. 

"The longer, drawn-out process with steps that have emotional reactions at each stage is actually the better way to do this, I firmly believe," Wright said.

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