Wright 'loved' Warriors as WFT's next name until researching it


This past week, Washington Football Team president Jason Wright revealed that the franchise's new moniker and logo would be announced in the early part of the 2022 calendar year.

Then a few days later, Wright officially ruled out one possibility, 'Warriors,' after receiving discomfort from communities the team reached out to about the possibility of taking on that name. 'Warriors' was thought of to be one of the more likely candidates to be the team's next name beforehand.

In an interview with NBC Sports Washington's JP Finlay, Wright admitted that 'Warriors' was his first choice to be Washington's next team name before receiving negative feedback.

"We said, you know, 'Warriors' doesn't work for a variety of reasons. That was a learning journey for me, frankly," Wright said. "Just in full transparency, it was my front runner. I loved it. I loved it personally. I thought all the different things that it connotes was in line with the spirit of what we wanted to develop, both on and off the field."

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Washington's team president then made it clear that while he might feel that way about that specific name, others -- specifically those that were impacted by the team's previous name and logo -- have their concerns about the name 'Warriors,' too.


"Prioritizing the voices that have been most impacted by this is the most important thing we could do at this stage," Wright said. "And they were very clear in their direction and thoughtful in their direction. I could be logical as the day is long in the way that I think about it in my mind, but it's about the diversity of perspectives and how that changed my own thinking and our collective thinking about this that landed us where we landed."

Additionally, Wright said coming up with a new name that begins with the letter 'R' is also not a must, either. Some fans were, and still are, hoping the next name will begin with 'R' in order to keep the iconic hashtag #HTTR, which was the franchise's fight song under the old name.

"I would say that we're definitely not orienting around a hashtag," Wright said. "We're not trying to work something backwards into something that starts with 'R' or anything like that."

As Wright and the team continue to get closer to picking a name, the team president promises to continue being transparent along the way.

"We'll let you know as things progress, where there are hard lines and where we've put hard lines in place," Wright said. "We'll be clear."