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Wright: 'Pretty good chance' Washington Football Team remains in 2021

Football Team

The temporary rebrand of the 'Washington Football Team' could last longer than just this season, according to team president Jason Wright.

"Next year is fast," Wright said on the possibility of having a new team moniker by the beginning of the 2021 NFL campaign.

"There's a pretty good chance we will be the Washington Football Team next season."

Wright's comments come in an exclusive interview with ABC7's Scott Abraham.

On July 3, Washington announced the retirement of its old name and logo after owner Dan Snyder faced significant pressure from corporate sponsors to change the name.

A few weeks later, the club announced it would temporarily play as the 'Washington Football Team' while the team goes through the process of finding a new moniker for the "next 100 years."

It's also worth noting that in September, Snyder said there is a possibility that the 'Washington Football Team' does become the franchise's permanent name.

So, why will it take so long for Washington to complete its rebrand with a new team name?

"Next year is fast, because of how the brand has to come together, through uniforms, through the approval process, through the league, all of that," Wright said.

In the meantime, the franchise has launched an initiative called "No Name But Team," encouraging fans to share their ideas for what the team's next moniker should be.