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JD McKissic didn't even know he was the top RB on the depth chart

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When the Washington Football Team's first official depth chart came out on Tuesday, the key thing folks noticed was Kyle Allen's placement as Dwayne Haskins' backup. That means that Alex Smith will likely be inactive on game days for the time being.

Beyond that, however, something else made waves: JD McKissic was listed as the top running back.

In light of all the Antonio Gibson buzz that has been building all offseason, and especially lately, this generated quite a bit of online discussion. Adam Schefter tweeted about it, wrote about it and the NFL Network did a TV segment on it.

Know why you shouldn't necessarily put a lot of stock into that distinction? Because McKissic himself had no idea about it until a member of the media brought it to his attention on Tuesday after practice.

"That's news to me," he said.

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The inaugural depth chart every year always causes an uproar, and in a couple of places, that uproar is deserved. Like, Allen earning the No. 2 job over Smith is a significant development, even if it's not that surprising. That's worth pointing out. 

When it comes to a position for Washington like running back, on the other hand — where a slew of options figure to factor into the pecking order — the angst over who's in the first slot just isn't as worth it. Gibson, Peyton Barber, and Bryce Love will all see snaps along with McKissic. Someone had to lead that group on the website and on the piece of paper.


A couple of years ago, Jay Gruden was asked for his thoughts on a depth chart that was released during training camp. Gruden laughed and told reporters that he was forced to make it. Now, that's just one coach's opinion, of course, but it's quite an indictment on the tradition.

"I just know I'm not going to take it to the head because I may not even be the first guy to step on the field Sunday," McKissic said. "You never know how that's going to work out."

If he's not taking it to the head, you shouldn't either. Plain and simple.