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Jerry Jones defends Cowboys players facing criticism for Dalton play

Football Team

There was no shortage of criticism directed toward Cowboys players after Jon Bostic knocked Andy Dalton out of Sunday's game with an illegal hit and the quarterback's teammates didn't do anything to stand up for him. 

Their head coach Mike McCarthy wasn't pleased with their inaction and pundits like Stephen A. Smith and Dan Orlovsky slammed them for it. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, however, did not pile on. He instead offered a different take on the matter.

"Sometimes you aren't aware of what happened on a play," Jones said per WFAA's Mike Leslie

According to Leslie, Jones also said players don't always have the benefit of replay as viewers at home do and that he'd rather them use their efforts & emotions during the play.


Unfortunately for the Cowboys as of late, they haven't been using their efforts and emotions consistently during games. Their defense continues to prove itself as one of the worst in the league, execution has lacked on both sides of the ball and even days before they were blown out by Washington, anonymous players leaked their displeasure with the coaching staff. 


All signs are pointing to the Cowboys coming apart, and in a moment where they could have come together for a short time, they failed to do so. Jones raises a fair point about the benefit of replay. There's a good chance a few players on the field didn't even see Bostic's hit. 

It's just another example of the 2020 Cowboys coming up short. Fortunately for Washington, they won't have to wait very long to see this team again. The two teams will meet in Week 12 on Thanksgiving Day in Dallas.