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Theismann likes the depth Haskins gives Washington in division race

Football Team

Following his demotion from the Washington Football Team's starting quarterback to third-stringer behind Kyle Allen and Alex Smith, Dwayne Haskins was thought to be a player on the move before Tuesday's trade deadline. 

As it turns out, Washington held on to the former first-round pick and will continue to carry three quarterbacks as it tries to make a run in a less-than-stellar -- or better yet a less-than-respectable -- NFC East. 

Former Washington quarterback and Super Bowl champion Joe Theismann was happy to see Haskins stay in Washington past the trade deadline, and not only because he still thinks Haskins can develop into a good quarterback. Having Haskins protects against a disaster situation like 2018. 

"Kyle's the starter, but we also saw him get knocked out," Theismann told the Sports Junkies Wednesday. "Alex [Smith] -- god bless him -- is still coming back from that broken leg, so if in the event something did happen, you don't want to wind up where we were what, four years ago, where we went through four quarterbacks in four games, or where the Dallas Cowboys are."

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It wasn't exactly four years ago, but two seasons back after Smith broke his leg 10 games into the season. Washington was 6-3 and in a great position to win the division, but Smith's injury set off an unprecedented quarterback shuffle. 


Washington went on to lose Smith's last game of the year and would only win one more game to finish the season 7-9. Colt McCoy replaced Smith for two games before hitting the injured reserve with a leg injury. Then Mark Sanchez came in before being replaced by free agent acquisition Josh Johnson. 

Washington went through four quarterbacks in four games and it sunk their season. The Cowboys are on to their third quarterback and are considering starting a fourth, which speaks to where they are at the moment. 

In holding on to Haskins, they retained depth at the most important position on the field. In a season altered heavily by the coronavirus pandemic, player availability is key. 

"Dwayne could actually go out and play football for us," Theismann said. "If that happens, then at least you have someone that's familiar with the system, that knows what to do and know how to run the offense."