Theismann: 'I'm good' with Taylor Heinicke as Washington QB1


Taylor Heinicke impressed the football world with his performance against Tampa in a Wild Card loss, and for Washington Football team legend Joe Theismann, he's seen enough.

"I'm good with Taylor Heinicke coming in and having the job right from the get go," Theismann said this week. 

Theismann's comments came via Doug Flutie’s SiriusXM podcast Flutie Flakescast, and the former Super Bowl winner explained that Washington needs to make the expected move to release Alex Smith for salary cap reasons. The team stands to shave nearly $15 million off its salary cap by releasing the veteran Smith.

Earlier this offseason, Washington signed Heinicke to a two-year deal with $1 million guaranteed. Kyle Allen isn't under contract yet but seems likely to return, as his free agent options are limited.

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Washington has been rumored with almost every QB on the market, but there's been little actual movement, and with the 19th overall pick in the NFL Draft, the top rookie passer options could be gone before Ron Rivera gets to make a pick.

Add all of that up -- and the heavy cost to acquire a top flight passing option via trade -- and Theismann doesn't believe Washington should make a big move. 


From the podcast:

Kyle Allen is still there. He's recovering from injury. I think they'll probably wind up taking someone in the draft or making a deal for someone, but I don't think you should give up too much if you're the Washington Football Team. I certainly wouldn't give up that first round pick. Our first round picks over the last three years in particular have been unbelievable. You have Montez Sweat. You've got Daron Payne. Chase Young, Rookie of the Year this year. They've been, you know, they're all first round picks. Jonathan Allen was another one, and Ryan Kerrigan was a first round pick. So there's five of them that were first round picks. I think it's been used very well. 

 Despite his comfort level with Heinicke, Theismann does want more weapons added to Washington's offense. 

We need help on the offensive side a bit. You need some depth at tight end. You need another receiver, possibly. Maybe you get that through a trade. There's lots of great running backs in this draft. I think wherever Najee Harris winds up going out of Alabama is going to help that football team. You may be looking at the second coming of a Derrick Henry with that kind of power, that kind of speed, to be able to make a difference in a game. And as much as we love to throw the football, Doug, and you know this, you still have to have the ability to run the ball, to be able to really consistently control games, especially in bad weather. You know, places like Pittsburgh, Cleveland, outdoor stadiums, New England, you have to be able to run the football at some point, you just can't drop back and throw it all the time.

 Theismann knows quarterbacks, and it sure seems he likes Heinicke's chances.