Bostic didn't expect suspension on Dalton hit: 'I led with my shoulder'


Two weeks ago Washington linebacker Jon Bostic laid out Dallas quarterback Andy Dalton. The hit was vicious, resulted in an ejection on the field and a $12,000 fine after the game. 

For Bostic, however, it was more than that. 

"You never want to see anybody go down like that," Bostic said Wednesday. "I thought he was going for it. I'd never want to intentionally take someone out."

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Washington's linebacker had not spoken since the play, and many around the NFL were surprised he wasn't suspended. Dalton hasn't played since as he's been in the NFL's concussion protocol, and more recently tested positive for Covid.

As Bostic described the hit though he called it a "bang-bang" play and he did not lead with his helmet. 

"I knew when the play happened I led with my shoulder. That’s how I saw it; we’ve got pictures that show the same thing," Bostic said. 

Watch below:

 Bostic will be back on the field this Sunday when Washington takes on the New York Giants.