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Finlay on benching Haskins: 'Unequivocally no'

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After another poor performance filled with turnovers, many on social media began to call for head coach Ron Rivera to bench Dwayne Haskins. On Washington Football Postgame Live, JP Finlay left no doubt on what he thinks the future should hold for the embattled quarterback.

“The real question becomes, ‘is it time to bench Dwayne Haskins,’ Finlay said. “I want to unequivocally say no to that, it is not time to bench Dwayne Haskins.”

“We all know 2020 is about a referendum on the 15th overall pick from 2019. The 2019 season was a wash for this kid… Now he’s got Ron. Ron is trying to nurture him, Ron is trying to develop him. They have a coaching staff in place that’s trying to work with Haskins to get the most out of his game.”

Haskins, who entered the game without an interception this season, threw 3 of them against Cleveland and lost a fumble as well in a 34-20 loss to the Browns. It was a performance more reminiscent of his early relief appearances in 2019 (0 TD, 4 INT in 2 games) rather than after Bill Callahan named him starter (7 TD, 3 INT over 7 starts).

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Ron Rivera initially supported Haskins immediately after the game, but his comments on Monday seemed to take a slightly different tone when discussing his quarterback.

“There is a cut-off point for me. There is,” Rivera said. “We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.”

Despite starting slow in first quarters, Haskins had been managing the Washington offense reasonably well to start the season before Sunday. Regardless of the Week 3 struggles, Finlay sees plenty of reason to stick with No. 7 under center – for now.

“Let’s be clear, the kid has talent,” Finlay said on Sunday. “He’s got a rocket arm, he’s composed, he shows good leadership, he’s done that a few times now. You have to let this guy try to work out of this funk. But I’ll say this, can’t have 3-pick games. This cannot be tolerated.”

“Ron needs to come out and make clear that there will be competition. They did trade for Kyle Allen for a reason, you cannot have a three interception, fumble game unless it turns around. The turnaround better start next week.”