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Kansas City Chiefs ban Native American headdresses and face paint

Football Team

The Kansas City Chiefs have now joined the many professional sports team to address their use of Native American imagery in the past few months.

The franchise announced on Thursday that they would ban Native American headdresses and face paint that imitates Native American traditions from their home stadium starting this season.

In addition, the Chiefs announced they would look into making changes to the fan-favorite Arrowhead Chop and pregame beating of a drum, often by a former player, coach or local celebrity.

These changes came after a number of franchises, including the Washington Football Team, faced backlash for their use of Native American names and imagery for their mascots. This response has led to changes around sports, including the rebranding of Washington’s NFL team. In a statement from the team, the Chiefs claimed they have spent years discussing the matter and will continue to consider further changes.

"In 2014, we began a dialogue with a group of local leaders from diverse American Indian backgrounds and experiences,'' the organization said in a statement. "As an organization, our goal was to gain a better understanding of the issues facing American Indian communities in our region and explore opportunities to both raise awareness of American Indian cultures and celebrate the rich traditions of tribes with a historic connection to the Kansas City area.”

Kansas City plans to host fans at 22% capacity this fall under these new policies at Arrowhead Stadium.

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