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Kyle Allen on late fumble: 'I can’t make that mistake there'

Football Team

Kyle Allen's incomplete pass on a two-point conversion will be viewed as the "losing" play for Washington as it fell to the Giants 20-19 on Sunday. But, there was another play by the quarterback that had a major impact on the result.

With the game tied 13-13 with just over three minutes remaining, Allen stepped up to avoid pressure from New York's defensive front. He ended up losing the football, which hopped into Tae Crowder's hands for a 43-yard fumble return touchdown. It would be the game-winning score for the Giants.

Though Allen was trying to make something out of the play, he understands that ball security is the most important aspect at all times, especially in that situation.

“I can’t make that mistake there, it’s too late in the game to be doing that," Allen said.

The quarterback would still give Washington a chance to win on the next drive, and hindsight is 2020, but a fumble there is something that just can't happen. It was a play that completely changed the course of the outcome.

Allen also noted that his interception earlier in the contest was a "poor decision."


Despite the gaffes, head coach Ron Rivera explained that he liked what he saw from Allen and will continue to view him as the starter going forward. Even with that, both sides know that more mistakes like the fumble cannot continue.


In order to eliminate the errors, Allen will carry the same mentality he's preached to his teammates in recent weeks. Through all the struggles and hardships Washington has faced early on in the 2020 season, the group just needs to continue working and make each snap better than the last.

“I just told the guys that yesterday, too. I was like ‘Whatever we do, we gotta keep fighting. Whatever it is, we got a tough year so far but that’s the only thing that is going to keep us together is we keep fighting,'" Allen said.