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Allen's starting role will be evaluated on a week-by-week basis

Football Team

Dwayne Haskins got the first quarter of Washington's 2020 schedule to serve as the team's starter, but now, it's Kyle Allen's turn.

How long will his turn last, though? Ron Rivera wouldn't commit to any sort of grand timetable on Thursday. 

He actually did just about the opposite.

"This will be a game-by-game situation," Rivera told reporters on Zoom.

Translation: Allen better be primed to start moving the ball beginning this Sunday against the Rams.

That's the life of a backup quarterback, however, and when speaking with the media on Wednesday, Allen sounded like someone who's going to embrace the challenge of needing to have a positive impact right away.

"For me it’s just always been a mindset of: be ready, and if it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t. But if it does, at least you’re prepared for it," he said. "I always go into every game just ready to go in at any point. The starter, his shoe could come off, his helmet could come off, he could get hurt and you’ve got to play. For me, it’s just being ready to go and take advantage of your opportunity when it comes.”

When reflecting on why Haskins was benched, Rivera and Scott Turner cited his turnovers (which were a huge problem in Cleveland but not nearly as present in his other three appearances), his repeating of mistakes and his missing of some key opportunities on the field. There was also a lot of chatter about how the division is stacking up, but those were their problems with Haskins' performance specifically. 


So, one would assume that as long as Allen avoids that trio of issues, then his run as Washington's QB will be more prosperous and more extended than the guy he's replacing. 

Whether he'll prove to be able to is another matter entirely. His stint and stats in Carolina seem to indicate he might not be, and Alex Smith is right behind him should he bring those flaws from the Panthers to Washington. 

Overall, the move Rivera made on Wednesday undeniably shows he's willing to trust Allen. The comments Rivera then made on Thursday, meanwhile, convey just how temporary that trust may be.