Brandt: 'Very little doubt' that Smith is better than Haskins


There's a lot already going on with Washington Football and the team really doesn't need to add a quarterback controversy on that pile. 

But that doesn't mean it won't happen. 

"As talented as [Dwayne] Haskins may be there's very little doubt in my mind that Alex Smith is the best quarterback on that roster right now. I really believe that," NFL Network's Kyle Brandt said Wednesday. "He's really good, really experienced, playoff tested."

As one of the hosts of Good Morning Football, Brandt covers the entire NFL, and to him, Haskins has not done enough to separate himself from Smith. 

"There's this tricky dichotomy here where we have, 'this is the future, this is the first-round pick, super talented, we're behind Dwayne all the way,' but I don't know for sure Dwayne is the best QB on the team," Brandt said via the Washington Football Talk podcast. 

Washington Football head coach Ron Rivera has been reluctant to name Haskins the official starter for Week 1 against Philadelphia, but considering that game is less than two weeks away and Haskins gets the bulk of the work with the first-team offense, it's fairly obvious what's happening. 

Haskins will start Week 1, and Smith hasn't even fully practiced yet. 

This situation is almost impossible to believe, as Smith has worked all the way back from a broken leg that required 17 surgeries and nearly lost his life. It's remarkable he's walking around again, let alone trying to play football. Watching Smith the last month, however, it's clear his football comeback is serious. 


Then there is Haskins, the 15th overall pick in 2019. 

Rivera publicly challenged Haskins when the coach took over Washington back in January, and so far, Haskins has responded.

He's lost weight and committed himself to the playbook while making a dedicated approach to vocal leadership. That's what Rivera asked for, and the young passer has delivered. 

"I think he’s growing. He’s learning, he’s developing," Rivera said of Haskins on Monday. "This year, obviously as a team we’re at a handicap. But for a quarterback, the guy really has to learn. This has been tough. I thought he’s handled it very well. He’s gotten a lot of good work in. He’s worked with [quarterbacks coach] Ken Zampese and the other quarterbacks. You see the growth, you really do. Again, we still have a way to go, but it’s promising."

Still, for Brandt, if things start slow for Washington with Haskins at the helm, it will be hard not to move to Smith. 

"Could you make a change? Hopefully it doesn't come to that and Haskins is fantastic," Brandt said. "Alex Smith, if you want to win, he's proven, he's been there."