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Kyler Murray calls Chase Young 'a freak of nature'

Football Team

He may be a rookie with one game under his belt, but Chase Young is already commanding respect from some of the NFL's best players. 

Ahead of a Week 2 clash with the Washington Football Team, former No. 1 overall pick and Offensive Rookie of the Year Kyler Murray spoke glowingly about the rookie pass rusher who's primed to chase him around all afternoon (no pun intended; OK maybe a little).

"He's a talented player, a young guy with a lot of juice, a lot of energy, specimen, freak of nature, all those things," Murray said. "We're gonna have to obviously block him, do a good job on offense and execute. That's what it comes down to on Sundays, is executing. If we do that, we'll put ourselves in a good position to win the game."

Murray is a freak of nature in his own right. He's only 5-10 and 207 pounds, but there's a reason why he's growing into one of the game's elite quarterbacks. 

He's incredibly quick and elusive in the pocket and has an absolute cannon of an arm that allows him to complete passes on the move and at a multitude of arm angles. 

Containing Murray will be an incredibly difficult challenge for the Washington defensive line, which is coming off a monster game against the Eagles in Week 1 where they sacked Carson Wentz eight times. Chase Young had plenty to do with the comeback win, and it'll be exciting to see two of the best athletes in the game competing against each other play after play.