Football Team

Landon Collins wears shirt in support for Breonna Taylor ahead of Week 3

Football Team

As the Washington Football Team arrived at FirstEnergy Stadium for their Week 3 matchup with the Cleveland Browns, safety Landon Collins was seen wearing a t-shirt under his blazer that read "Breonna Deserves Better."

The shirt is in support of Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old Black woman who was killed by Louisville police in March. Earlier this week, a Kentucky grand jury indicted one former officer on three charges of wanton endangerment with reckless gunfire spraying bullets into neighboring apartments, but no one was charged directly for causing Ms. Taylor’s death.

The safety also wore the t-shirt during pregame warmups over his Washington gear.

Collins is not the only Washington player who's spoken out about Taylor's death. 

Earlier this week, quarterback Dwayne Haskins was asked about the grand jury ruling, and the 23-year-old responded by saying "it's really disgusting."

"It's bigger than just sports or politics, it's about how you treat people," Haskins said. "We have to do better as a country and as people...To be killed and not have any justice be served is extremely disappointing. This is hard to deal with."