Football Team

Latest fan-made Washington Red Wolves design is another impressive entry

Football Team

It seems like every week fans are treated to new potential designs for the Washington Football Team. One of the most popular name suggestions remains the Red Wolves, a nickname that lends itself to fun uniforms, helmets and logos.

Brave Studio showed off their latest ideas on Instagram with multiple angles and closeups of their designs. They used a paw print on the helmet, getting away from past iconography, and added a fur-like design on the burgundy jerseys. 

The shoulders on the gold jerseys are fantastic, with claw marks angling down, similar to the Michigan Wolverines' helmets.

We still don't know what the new team name will be in the nation's capital, but the Red Wolves is as popular an option as any thrown out online. If they do go in this direction, the team will have plenty of homemade submissions to consider for their new look.

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