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Lions linebacker Jamie Collins ejected after making contact with ref

Football Team

Sometimes, you just have to shake your head. But when you do, be sure not to slightly brush up against an NFL official.

New Lions linebacker Jamie Collins learned this lesson the hard way in Week 1, getting ejected in the first half against the Bears.

This was his terrible, unforgivable infraction.

How dare he, right? I mean, the nerve of that football play to accidentally softly make contact with the referee while clearly trying to demonstrate a previous move.

It seems obvious from the video that Collins was trying to mime someone bending over and leading with the crown of the helmet, and in the process didn't realize how close the official had gotten to him. As a result, his helmet brushed up against the referee, who immediately took exception.

Collins was ejected from the game right away, and the sports world was left to wonder what had gone so wrong.

Before the game even reached halftime, Collins' agent tweeted that they would be taking follow up action to protest the official's actions.