In The Loop: Chase Young exposes O-line, athletes react to Porzingis ejection

USA Today Sports Images

First up in our look around the sports world, the Washington Football Team had their first day of training camp with full pads on and first-round pick Chase Young looked scary and prepared. Great for Young, not so good for the offensive line that was completely exposed. Young made it look too easy as they were tossed around like rag dolls!


Next up, during the Dallas Mavericks game against the Los Angeles Clippers, Kristaps Porzingis was ejected from Monday's game after an altercation that didn’t resemble any pushing and shoving. Porzingis' ejection did not sit well with others around the league, with both LeBron James and Dirk Nowitzki weighing in on Twitter.


Now just in case the Mavericks need some backup, actor and comedian Adam Sandler could be the next one called up as he posted an old video showing off his basketball skills playing some pick up with his bulldog named Meatball.