In The Loop: Gronk pranks Tom Brady, Cam Newton's trash can workout


First up in our look around the sports world right now, Rob Gronkowski is getting in on the "I'll call you right back" FaceTime trend. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end shared on his TikTok the hilarious moment pranking his quarterback Tom Brady.

Gronk also tried the prank on his father, but Brady's reaction was the best mostly because the connection was terrible and Brady ended up caving by telling Gronk he indeed was the one that called HIM.

Next up, this is proof to all the youngsters hoping to be the next Cam Newton one day. You don't need any fancy equipment to kickstart your training, just grab a few trash cans and get to it!

Lastly, Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett is back at it again with his insane workouts. This time he's going all out on a pilates reformer machine, I bet he got a few looks for doing this class.