Madden throws shade at FedExField's surface with new feature


Every year, the popular video game series Madden NFL does its best to update the game so its players don't feel they're buying a new version each year for solely updated rosters. Sometimes the game succeeds, while other times it disappoints (hello, franchise mode).

For Madden NFL 22, which is set to be released in August, one new feature the game has added is a home-field advantage M-factor. What this means is when the home team is playing well, each opponent will be faced with a different additional challenge, depending on what stadium they're in.

On Thursday, the video game released its home-field advantage M-factor for each team. And, whether Madden intentionally did it or not, its specific advantage for the Washington Football Team threw shade at FedExField's playing surface.

Washington's home-field advantage is called "unstable ground," meaning opponents will struggle to change directions when playing at FedExField.

That, unfortunately, has been the reality at FedExField over the last several years, as the playing surface has been criticized heavily since the stadium opened.

Several players -- including Robert Griffin III, Alex Smith and Adrian Peterson, among others -- have suffered major leg injuries at FedExField, with the poor playing surface certainly playing a role in such. Former Washington kicker Kai Forbath said back in 2017 that the field is "dirt and they spray paint it green."

Former Washington running back Chris Thompson co-signed the home field advantage factor, too.

Yeah, that's not a good look.


Since Ron Rivera has taken over as Washington's head coach, he's made it a point to improve the team's playing surface at both FedExField and the team's practice facility. The fields in Ashburn have already been replaced with a much nicer surface, while the entire surface is currently undergoing a major renovation.

The new playing surface and grass, which is being specially grown down in Charlotte for FedExField, will be ready before the 2021 season.

The grass at FedExField has been subject to criticism for nearly two decades. For Washington's sake, hopefully this dig from Madden is one of the last.