Football Team

This map on best-selling NFL gear in the U.S. will enrage Washington fans

Football Team

Washington Football Team fans: This story and its contents may make you very upset.

Now, when you get to the part that could enrage you — which is coming soon — just remember that this Sunday, the Ron Rivera era officially begins, as does Chase Young's career, as does Dwayne Haskins' first season as the full-time starting QB, as do a lot of other magical and fun things.

OK, now that that's been established, let's get to the item that'll possibly inspire quite a bit of salt.

On Thursday, a Twitter user by the name of Jeff Eisenband posted a map that he says was generated using data from hat and apparel company Lids. That map's purpose? To show which NFL teams sell the most gear in every state across America.

This is where things get unfortunate for the Washington Football Team.

In Maryland, the Ravens are king, according to Lids. In Virginia, meanwhile — where Washington's headquarters are and where they hold training camp and where they'd like to think a ton of believers reside — the Cowboys took the top spot:

If you're still here and haven't left to vomit or go punch a hole through the wall like Andy from The Office, yes, that's obviously quite disappointing. Even though the franchise has struggled a ton in the 2000s and even though insufferable Cowboys supporters are all over the country, it still hurts to know they have such a stronghold in Virginia.

[UPDATE - 4:46 p.m.: As one intelligent person replied, this could also be a reflection of fans putting their purchasing on pause until the organization chooses a new name. Nice point there, Scott.]


But as mentioned in the top of this blog, try to focus on all the positive things that are about to begin instead of that map. Besides, what good are maps anyways? This isn't 1823. No one cares about maps anymore.