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Marcus Spears doesn’t like Rivera's reason for benching Haskins

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Marcus Spears, an analyst on ESPN's NFL Live program, knows that Dwayne Haskins has had a challenging start to his career. So when Ron Rivera made the decision to make Kyle Allen the starting quarterback on Wednesday, Spears accepted that. 

But Rivera's reasoning to demote Haskins, all the way down to third-string, Spears really took issue with. 

"I feel like he put Dwayne Haskins in a position to fail to justify putting Kyle Allen in the game when you already feel like Kyle Allen is the best guy for the job," Spears said. "That is ridiculous to me." 

Rivera, who spoke to the media on Wednesday about his QB decision, didn't hold back when describing why Allen might be the better option moving forward. 

"I just think that Kyle maybe has a little more experience running some certain concepts," Rivera said. "If there is a different look than maybe we’ve talked about but Dwayne hasn’t necessarily seen it, we’ll get maybe the reaction or the response that we’re looking for [with Allen]." 

That's exactly why Spears is taking exception to this move. To already know Allen has a better grasp of the system and reading defenses would have surely given Washington a better chance to succeed and win football games. 

"There was no preseason games for you to usher this in, these games counted -- the ones you already lost," Spears said. "So you sacrificed three games, and in your mind you had a better quarterback on the roster. I got an issue with that. It ain't about Dwayne Haskins for me, we all know quarterbacks need time to develop and he's been in a terrible situation. Josh Rosen has been treated terribly as well and hasn't gotten a fair shot. It happens throughout the league."


Spears pointing out Rosen's early career filled with the same type of turnover and adversity as Haskins shows his problem with benching the former Ohio State Buckeye wasn't something deeper. Rather, Spears' gripe with Rivera had everything to do with football strategy.