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Spears says teams may not have their QB after playing Washington

Football Team

Of the many takeaways from the Washington Football Team's comeback win over the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 1, one of the biggest was that the hype for the defensive line is real.

With eight sacks, Chase Young, Ryan Kerrigan and company made Sunday a constant nightmare for Carson Wentz and helped propel the team toward victory.

After seeing the bruising nature of play the front brought from the start, former NFL player and ESPN analyst Marcus Spears thinks opposing teams should be worried about the safety of their man under center.

“For everybody out there in the NFL that’s going to play the Washington [Football Team], one: They are as motivated by what their coach is doing right now," Spears said on ESPN's NFL Live. "And two: Be careful if you fall behind because you may not have your QB the following week.”

Those are some strong words from Spears, who used to play for the rival Dallas Cowboys. Based on what Washington showed in Week 1, he does have a point. The constant pressure the front put on Philadelphia's offensive line had Wentz laying on the grass often.

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As the unit continues to mesh and get more comfortable, there's a chance that opposing quarterbacks won't be getting much sleep the night before a matchup with Washington.

In Week 2, the elusive Kyler Murray will be the target for Washington as they take on the Arizona Cardinals. Though he's shown he can be evasive in the pocket, it might not be enough to escape Washington's talented defensive line.