Larry Hogan 'in favor of safely trying to get some fans back' at NFL games


Neither the Washington Football Team or the Baltimore Ravens have allowed fans in the stands for games this season, but Maryland Governor Larry Hogan would like that to change. 

"I'm in favor of safely trying to get some fans back in the stands," Hogan said Thursday. "Our health department is working very closely on that to try to work with the teams."

Hogan spoke exclusively with the Washington Football Podcast and explained that both NFL teams that play in Maryland had been in talks with the state before the season started to keeps fans out of stadiums but that the situation could change as the year progresses.

According to an NPR study, Maryland holds one of the lowest coronavirus infection rates in the country with a threshold of just one to nine daily new cases per every 100,000 people, and those numbers are why Hogan thinks both the Washington Football Team and the Ravens could bring back some fans to their stadiums. 

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"I'm hoping that as we move along, our health metrics in Maryland are terrific, better than most places in the rest of the country. We don't want to do anything to put people in danger but I think that we can find a way to bring some fans back in safely to watch the game I think it’d be more exciting."


As for Hogan, he wants to be back at games himself too. 

"I miss having fans, I miss being a fan. I usually go to games in Washington and in Baltimore every season," the governor said. "It’s just not the same, you watch it on television and you still see some pretty good football but it’s missing something without the fans."