Matt Ioannidis had Aaron Rodgers feeling like Dan Orlovsky


When Washington had the Packers pegged back on their one-yard line after a failed fourth-down try of their own, defensive tackle Matt Ioannidis had Aaron Rodgers backpedaling like crazy. 

Green Bay's MVP QB's frantic scrambling along the back of the endzone was reminiscent of the infamous play of former Detroit Lions quarterback and current ESPN analyst, Dan Orlovsky.

Orlovsky screenshotted Rodgers just before he reached back of the end zone, throwing it away to running back AJ Dillon, who couldn't make the diving catch, ultimately leading Green Bay to punt. It was a much better end result than Orlovsky's well-known safety in 2008

The defensive play was among Washington's best on Sunday against the Packers, which was full of near-big plays like Ioannidis' pass rush. The Burgundy and Gold forced a few fumbles and only recovered one, and of course, Taylor Heinicke's premature Lambeau Leap didn't end up working out either. 

Washington (2-5) will look to complete some of those big-play opportunities in Denver in Week 8 action on Sunday.