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Maury Povich reveals who should be the Washington QB in 2021

Football Team

After almost 30 years of telling America who's the father in his famous running bit for his tabloid talk show, "Maury", Maury Povich helped reveal who Washington's quarterback should be for the 2021 season.

His answers, which can be heard on the next Washington Football Talk Podcast, may surprise some. 

"We'll start with Dwayne Haskins," JP Finlay inquired. 

"No, not the quarterback," Povich said.

"Alex Smith?" Finlay said.

"Not the quarterback," Povich said.

"Kyle Allen?" Finlay said

"Maybe the quarterback," Povich said. "And by the way, that could be stopgap as far as I'm concerned. I'm just talking about the quarterback for 2021. That's a maybe."

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Finlay then asked about some of the college QBs who might fall Washington's way in the draft should they go in that direction. From BYU star Zach Wilson to Alabama's Mac Jones, Povich isn't sure how great those two quarterbacks would be with Washington. 

Povich did like Florida's Kyle Trask, comparing him to the 2020 No. 1 overall pick in Joe Burrow. While Finlay's Matthew Stafford suggestion wasn't met with any kind of enthusiasm due to the veteran's lack of mobility, Povich did have a clear favorite of the bunch. 

"What about Dak Prescott?" Finlay said.

"That's a possibility," Povich said. "I would say yes. Yeah, he's the quarterback."

Prescott signed a one-year $31.4 million deal last offseason before dislocating his right ankle during the Cowboys' Week 5 contest against the Giants. Perhaps the most high-profile unrestricted free agent this offseason, Prescott would be quite the acquisition if Washington pursues their divisional rival's QB. 


If they do, Povich would most certainly approve. If the Burgundy and Gold's search for a new QB next season is anything as dramatic as some of the paternity reveals Povich does on his shows, then the fans are going to have to buckle in for quite the offseason.