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Maury sees Rivera as reason to not be skeptical about WFT future

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Longtime TV host Maury Povich is a Washington D.C. native and therefore has spent his life rooting for the Washington Football Team. He's been there for the ups and downs, and in recent years, has become accustomed to tempering expectations in terms of the trajectory of the franchise.

Just when it looks like the team is trending up, it has had a knack for getting it in its own way and stepping on its own foot. However, with Ron Rivera now at the helm, Povich is confident that will no longer be the case.

“I’ll say one thing, I think Rivera has become ‘Big Foot,'" Povich said on the Washington Football Talk Podcast. "I think that he’s calling the shots.”

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What Povich means is that while Rivera has the title of head coach, he is much more than that for Washington. He makes the calls on the field, but is also crucial in changing the culture off of it. Working with the likes of owner Dan Snyder and team president Jason Wright, Rivera is involved in most major decisions.

That is something that is important for Povich to see. In the past, he's felt that at times Snyder made moves that don't aline with the franchise or thinking of the head coach. With Rivera, he's seen the two work together, and Snyder allows the new head coach to do what he feels is best.


There is a level of trust, something that Povich believes Rivera made certain when he took the job nearly a year ago. Having that type of leadership at the top has Povich feeling that Snyder is "ecstatic" about the decision he made to hire Rivera.

“Quite frankly, I think they have an understanding that way. I don’t think Rivera would have showed up," Povich said. "Rivera has demonstrated to me that he’s the kind of guy that ‘I made a deal, the owner better live up to the deal cause I’m going to live up to mine.’"