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Kellerman says Browns should trade OBJ to Patriots 'now instead of later'

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Odell Beckham Jr.'s year-plus tenure with the Browns has been filled with talks of an eventual trade out of Cleveland than discussions of his actual play on the field.

An inability to get in sync with quarterback Baker Mayfield and a drop off in his volume and usage has many believing that the uber-talented receiver would be better suited somewhere else. As Beckham and the Browns prepare to take on the Washington Football Team in Week 3, could this be one of the last times the receiver plays for Cleveland?

ESPN's First Take co-host Max Kellerman believes that should be the case, and he has a perfect suitor.

"I think Cleveland should think very carefully about trading Odell to the Patriots now instead of later," Kellerman said.

Kellerman feels that Beckham and the Browns aren't a match. Though trading for the star wideout prior to the 2019 season seemed like a solid move for a team viewed to be on the rise, it has not worked the way many envisioned.

Cleveland has still yet to hit their stride and reach the level of a contender in the AFC, and Kellerman sees their offensive system as one that is wasting the talents Beckham possesses.

“I’ll tell you why, Odell Beckham Jr. has no connection with a Baker Mayfield, you can see that," Kellerman said. "This dude wants to be in a place, obviously, with a coach and a quarterback where he can obviously get to the next level.” 

New England is always the place that comes to mind when a player wants to reach that "next level." While Tom Brady's departure in the offseason had many thinking a decline was coming for the Patriots, the addition of Cam Newton has catapulted them right back into contention.


However, both sides, Beckham and the Patriots, are still searching for something according to Kellerman. The wide receiver needs a passer that will allow him to shine while Bill Belichick and company could use an elite offensive weapon.

On paper, it looks to be a good fit. One that has Kellerman thinking the championship run in New England doesn't have to come to an end.

“If Cam had a receiver like that on that team, if Belichick could put a receiver like that with Cam Newton, there’s the next Patriots dynasty," Kellerman said.

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The move seems like an easy decision for the Patriots, but why would the Browns do it? That's a point co-host Stephen A. Smith brought up, as trading Beckham means Cleveland gives up a talent they won't get back and Belichick isn't one to throw all his chips into a trade.

To that, Kellerman says that a trade is inevitable, and the longer the Browns wait to make a move, the less chance they have to get a solid return.

"Odell’s value is going to go down throughout the season, he’s going to be malcontent on that team because Baker is not looking for him," Kellerman said. "When he becomes a distressed asset, Belichick is going to give you less. Right now you may be able to strike the best deal."

Despite the reasoning from Kellerman, a trade involving the wide receiver is nothing more than speculation at this point. With only two weeks of the 2020 campaign complete, plenty of things can change.

Still, it will be interesting to see how Beckham performs in Week 3 against Washington. If frustration and a lack of chemistry or targets once again show themselves, it could dictate the uniform he wears in the future.