Mic'd Up: Thomas Davis is providing veteran leadership


Linebacker Thomas Davis had a productive season in 2019 for the Chargers, starting all 16 games for Los Angeles while racking up a total of 112 tackles.

Davis proved last season that -- even in his mid-30s -- he can still be a productive linebacker in the NFL.

However, Washington head coach Ron Rivera likely didn't sign his longtime captain in Carolina because of his production. Moreso, Davis provides Washington with a veteran leader that understands what Rivera is trying to accomplish in the nation's capital.

NBC Sports Washington captured Davis 'Mic'd up' during one of the team's practices earlier in training camp, and the 37-year-old linebacker's leadership was on full display.

At the beginning of the segment, Davis was giving tips to second-year linebacker Cole Holcomb.

"We're gonna match the tempo [of the offense]," Davis said. "But don't do nothing stupid. We should have came out here and made them match us."

Shortly after, Davis brought up the same point about matching the tempo to defensive lineman Jonathan Allen, who responded with "you're 100 percent right."

Without preseason games this fall due to the coronavirus pandemic, training camp provided players with the only opportunity to have physical contact before the regular season begins.

But, of course, you never want to hurt your own teammates during practice.

During one drill, Davis felt that he had the chance to make a big play but shied away from it due to the pending contact that would have occurred.

"On the little crossing route that I got, I was ready to try and jump it," Davis said. "I was sitting there waiting like 'I know he's not about to throw this ball.' I thought about jumping it, but then if we collide, I'm like, 'he's gonna be hurt.'"


At the end of the clip, Washington was going through a two-minute drill. After one of his fellow defenders made an interception, Davis instructed him to take a knee rather than return the pick the other direction.

Little details like those are sometimes the difference between wins and losses. Davis, who's entering his 15th season, is doing all he can to make sure his team doesn't make silly mistakes.