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Wilbon on Haskins benching: 'No one has any patience anymore'

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The decision by Washington Football Team head coach Ron Rivera to not only bench quarterback Dwayne Haskins, but delegate him to third stringer behind Kyle Allen and Alex Smith is an absolute head least to Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser of ESPN's "Pardon the Interruption."

The two discussed the recent move Wednesday and both were admittedly unnerved by the move.

"When you're a rookie you're supposed to stink...Haskins is essentially a rookie, he hasn't played a full 16 games yet from last season to this season," Wilbon said. "It just seems so rushed and hastily done to bench this kid already. Why? Because you've got a guy that you couldn't win with somewhere else who's comfortable with your system?

"I love Ron Rivera, I'm predisposed to love Ron Rivera because he was a part of the favorite team of my life, the '85 Bears, but this to me seems like, 'what?'"

Kornheiser went on to play devil's advocate with some stats that support Haskins being an inferior quarterback in today's NFL, but Wilbon wasn't having it.

"His completion percentage 15 yards down the field, 22%, the league average is 48%. ESPN said he's the least valuable passer in the league," Kornheiser asserted.

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"Let me ask you a question," Wilson responded. "He’s 3-8. Is that a better percentage than 0-11 Troy Aikman, Hall of Famer? Is that a better percentage than 3-13 Peyton Manning, Hall of Famer? No one has any patience anymore!"


Kornheiser insisted that he was "stunned" by the move and went on to make a bold prediction about the future of Haskins in the nation's capital.

"When you drop a guy to third string, Mike, and one of the guys ahead of him has one leg, I think that's the end for this kid in Washington."