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Mike Florio sees little reason to rush a Dwayne Haskins trade at deadline

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After a very public demotion to third string earlier this season, Dwayne Haskins role with the Washington Football Team moving forward remains very much in doubt. Many have speculated the team will try to move him at the upcoming trade deadline, but Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio is preaching patience.

“I think it’s better to hold on to him until after the season,” Florio told NBC Sports Washington. “You let the dust settle for all teams. You let everyone take a look around at the available options to address their quarterback positions, and maybe you get more teams at the table and maybe you can get a better return.”

Haskins ended last season with a 131.3 passer rating in his last two starts, and he opened this season by leading Washington to an upset victory over the Eagles in Week 1. But since then, Haskins has been relegated to third string and inactive for both of Washington’s games

“If you’re talking about a 2021 draft pick anyways, what’s the difference between trading him now or waiting until March or early April?” Florio said. “I think the smart play is to wait, I think they will shop him in the offseason. It makes no sense to try to trade him now – you get more later, you find more suitors potentially, and you end up with a better outcome.”

Peter King of NBC Sports echoed similar thoughts, saying that only a Bill Belichick “counter culture personnel guy” might be the only type valuing Haskins at all right now. The deadline is fast approaching on Nov. 3, where head coach Ron Rivera will be forced to make a decision or wait for possibly better circumstances.

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