McCarthy responds to criticism of his 'guarantee'


Earlier this week, Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy guaranteed a win for his squad when they travel to Landover, MD to take on the Washington Football Team. Washington head coach Ron Rivera responded to McCarthy’s comments shortly thereafter, calling his victory guarantee a ‘big mistake.’

Now, McCarthy has responded to Rivera’s response, clearing up any confusion.

“I think when you come out of a bye weekend, I think just like comments that are made, context is important,” McCarthy said in a press conference on Friday. “I think sometimes that gets lost. But it’s irrelevant what anybody thinks I said in here yesterday. I was talking about my team like I always coach my own team—and that’s where I’m at with it. So, we have great confidence in what we’re trying to do. It was an honest answer to a question from a great group of people.”

His comments on the subject begin at 10:54 of the following video:

McCarthy’s original comments of a guarantee caught the attention of players on both teams. The two squads naturally had different reactions, but McCarthy wasn’t too worried about that either.

“We understand the urgency of this time of year. We understand the importance of this game, and we know who we’re playing,” McCarthy said. “Like I said, it’s a clear, honest answer, so we feel good about it.”


Dallas heads into the nation’s capital having lost two of its last three contests after defeating the injured New Orleans Saints last Thursday. Washington, on the other hand, is increasing confidence by the day as they look to win their fifth consecutive game on Sunday.