Earlier this week, Alex Smith — who knows a little bit about being a leader — called Chase Young's leadership "crazy unusual." Typically, rookies like Young don't get so much respect so early, yet No. 99 is no typical rookie.

And after Sunday's loss to the Seahawks, Young demonstrated that trait once again.

Dwayne Haskins, who almost helped Washington complete a major comeback over Seattle, was seen slowly walking toward the home side's tunnel at FedEx Field after postgame handshakes concluded. He, understandably, looked quite upset.

That's when this happened:

While it'd be interesting to learn what Young said to Haskins in that moment, the visual is really all you need. Young put his arm around the QB and, together, they started jogging into the locker room. That's how you pick up a disappointed teammate.

As stellar as Young has been between the whistles, it's what he's done outside of them that is especially admirable. When the best player is also one of the best people, it can do wonders for an entire organization. Even though his actions couldn't change the result for Haskins, the passer had to have appreciated the support nonetheless. 

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