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Morgan Moses is the proud owner of all four of Trent Williams’ lockers

Football Team

When Trent Williams was traded to the San Francisco 49ers in April, right tackle Morgan Moses became the longest-tenured player on the Washington Football Team’s offensive line.

That meant Williams’ row of four lockers went to Moses, giving him one of the most highly coveted spots in the locker room. NBC Sports Washington’s JP Finlay asked Moses on the Washington Football Talk podcast this week about how messy Williams used to take care of the space before he left, giving him the opportunity to take a jab at his former teammate.

“Well look, it happens when you got four lockers, right?” Moses asked. “Hey, I’m not gonna say nothing because those lockers are mine now.”

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Moses called his row of lockers “the condo,” joking that he’s renting things to his teammates at the locker. With those lockers in tow, Moses has put on one of the best seasons of his career. Even after nearly walking away from the sport over the offseason, Moses carries a 77 overall grade from Pro Football Focus heading into this weekend’s matchup against the Detroit Lions.

He’s playing like one of Washington’s best players and now, he has the locker to back that up.