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The impact of Trent Williams on Morgan Moses' career

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Morgan Moses talked to JP Finley on this week’s Washington Football Talk podcast about his relationship with former teammate and now 49er Trent Williams.

He shared how the seven-time Pro Bowler was there for him when he first entered the league.

“He was there for me when I came into the league as a young rookie and helped groom me," said Moses. 

Moses was drafted in the third round of the 2014 draft when Williams was in his fifth year with Washington. The pair were teammates for six years and played together on the offensive line for five seasons before Williams was traded to San Francisco this past April.

“I told him when he left our relationship is never going to end,” said Moses.

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That friendship was recently brought to light when Moses posted on social media a jersey Williams had signed for him.

“The things he wrote on the jersey that he’s seeing now are the seeds he planted early on when I got into the league and are now blossoming,” said Moses.

Those traits that are blossoming for Moses now are not only from his play on the field but also as a leader

Moses finished his comments on Williams by saying, “I’m just happy to have a good vet like that, a brother on and off the field, and someone I can call a friend.”