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In a movie about Alex Smith, who plays him? 'I get the Ryan Gosling thing'

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Often in sports, an incredible moment gets the tag that it could be a "Hollywood script." Some deserve it, others maybe a little bit of a stretch.

Washington Football Team quarterback Alex Smith's nearly two-year journey back to the football field is deserving of being given that title, as the story is straight out of a movie.

From being traded to Washington after leading the Chiefs to the playoffs in 2017, to the severe leg injury that risked his health and career to the grueling recovery and eventual appearance back in an NFL game, his life since 2018 truly has it all. The ups and downs, conflicts, struggles and triumphs all centered around a hero character that everyone can get behind. 

Smith himself has heard that it should be a movie, and he understands some think it's a real possibility. Yet, there is one major question that comes with the script: Who would portray Smith in the biopic?

The quarterback isn't quite sure, but he has heard one name floated around.

“I got no idea, I get the Ryan Gosling thing occasionally, but I don’t know," Smith said on Washington Football Today with Julie Donaldson, which airs weekdays on NBC Sports Washington at 5:30 p.m.

Well hold on there Alex, you may have just done something there. Realistically, this may be the absolute perfect choice. The first thing you want out of an actor is some on-screen resemblance of the person they are playing. When put side-by-side, Gosling and Smith have some similar traits.

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The next characteristic you need is some experience in a similar role. Gosling has that as well. The actor is well-known for his role as Alan Bosely in "Remember the Titans." Though his character was viewed as a liability on defense, Gosling still has the football-acting background that will help in this role. Those traits make this a perfect match.

So, Ryan Gosling starring in a movie about Alex Smith's incredible recovery? One ticket and one extra large bucket of popcorn with extra butter, please. 

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