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This Garrett sack of Haskins happened because of an undershirt

Football Team

When it comes to sacking quarterbacks, Myles Garrett doesn't need any extra assistance. He got some on Sunday against Washington, though.

On a third-and-5 in Cleveland in Week 3, Dwayne Haskins tried to climb the pocket in order to get away from the always-productive pass rusher. It looked like Haskins was going to escape, too.

But that's when Garrett latched on to Haskins' long undershirt, then stayed latched on, until he was able to force the QB down to the grass.

Here's the odd second-quarter sequence in its entirety:

And here's a screengrab of the shirt at its stretchiest:

Washington running back Antonio Gibson was tackled in the exact same manner in the 2020 opener, and afterward, he vowed to never rock a long undershirt again.

If Haskins makes a similar statement this week, everyone will know what play inspired it.