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Burleson on Haskins benching: 'He was born into the wrong family'

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Washington Football Team quarterback Dwayne Haskins was recently benched by head coach Ron Rivera, in favor of Kyle Allen, after just four weeks. This move has caused NFL fans everywhere to brainstorm just what went wrong for Haskins and why he wasn't given a longer leash to develop within this new offensive scheme.

Thursday, NFL Network's Nate Burleson offered a unique outlook on the situation: Haskins was just drafted into the wrong family.

"It's tough because in the NFL as a quarterback you don't get to choose the family you're born in to," Burleson said. "Could he be in a better situation where he has the same head coach, same offensive coordinator, same system that he's learned the couple of years he's been in the league? Yeah. But like you said, this happens to more guys in the league than you find a situation with some consistency when you're drafted."

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Many pundits, including Burleson, have echoed the sentiment that the decision had less to do with Haskins and more to do with Allen's familiarity with Rivera's offense, compounded with how bad the NFC East is.

"Ron Rivera removed his emotions and made a decision that was based off of X's and O's, and he's trying to put a quarteback in that can execute his game plan," Burleson said. "He said it straight up: the development of Dwayne Haskins -- learning the system that is in place now -- is behind somebody like Kyle Allen. What is Kyle Allen going to do? He's going to come in and run the exact system that Ron Rivera has in place. So I think this is more credit to Kyle Allen and him knowing the playbook than it is an indictment on the skill level, or the growth of Dwayne Haskins.


"It's not saying Dwyane Haskins is trash, it's saying that Kyle Allen can run the offense a little better," Burleson said.