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NBC News' Craig Melvin joins Washington's Fan Ambassador Network

Football Team

NBC News' Craig Melvin has long been a fan of the Washington Football Team, but now he is a FAN of the Washington Football Team.

What's the difference? Melvin has joined others as a member of Washington's Fan Ambassador Network. He was recommended by his TODAY show co-host Al Roker. Head coach Ron Rivera shared the news with Melvin, something he was not expecting.

“I forgot I had this Zoom, I thought it was just meeting. And I hop on, and there’s Coach Rivera," Melvin said. 

So, what exactly does the FAN do for the Washington Football Team. Well, here's how Melvin would summarize it.

“Every week I’ll be involved in strategy planning sessions, I’m in charge of the offense. I’m doing some consulting," Melvin said. 

Okay, he got parts of it right. Melvin will join others fans in helping improve the gameday experience and share insight on what supporters want from the Washington Football Team. Focusing on everything from food to entertainment to culture, the group is tasked with helping Washington continue its rebrand. 

The offense, though, will probably be something Scott Turner and Rivera focus on.

It's a role Melvin doesn't take lightly, and he's excited to be a part of the team's future.

“Well thank you Washington, I look forward to many years of service," Melvin said.