Rivera 'grew fond being known as the Washington Football Team'


The Washington Football Team announced on Tuesday that its new name and logo will be revealed on Wednesday, Feb. 2, ending an 18-month rebranding process.

Once the name change becomes official, the 'Washington Football Team' era will, of course, no longer exist. Ron Rivera, who's been the club's head coach for the entire rebrand, said on Tuesday that he will look back on the WFT era "fondly."

"That's kind of a unique situation, you know? It’ll make for some interesting trivia someday. It’s kind of a cool thing to a degree," Rivera said. "I kind of grew fond of being known as the Washington Football Team or 'the team,' that was kind of cool. I'll remember it fondly."

The head coach went on to say that he felt moving on from the team's old moniker was the right decision. Washington officially retired the name 'Redskins' in July 2020 after a "thorough review" of it amid pressure from corporate sponsors and society as a whole to change the moniker.

"The name change came about during a fragile time in our society more so than anything else. I think it was an appropriate decision to change the name," Rivera said. 

Rivera has played a major role in the rebranding process, working closely alongside team president Jason Wright and co-owners Daniel and Tanya Snyder. After months and months of working on coming up with a new name, the franchise is finally really to reveal its new direction in just a few weeks.


'We went through the whole process of what the potential names could be," Rivera said. "They got it whittled down to what the finalists are. I know Mr. and Mrs. Snyder were working with Jason [Wright] and Jason's team of people trying to make sure we chose what was going to be an appropriate name. So I look forward to finding all that stuff out when it's time."

On Tuesday, as part of a seven-minute video released by the team, Washington teased what its new uniforms will look like. The old, iconic burgundy and gold color scheme is here to stay, but the new design can also represent a fresh direction for the franchise.

For Rivera, the head coach is looking forward to that opportunity and to be one of the faces of the new direction of a storied franchise. 

"It's been cool. It really has," he said. "I kind of look forward to when we can announce it all and we all get to know what it is. I'm looking forward to that because it'll be an opportunity for us to start a little bit on the fresh side. I'm kinda looking forward to the whole thing. From what I hear the uniforms look pretty cool. I look forward to seeing it all come to life."