NFL analyst: Chase Young is a mixture of Derrick Henry and the Predator


In a rookie year full of dominant performances, Chase Young put on his brightest display Sunday against the 49ers. 

Matched up for big stretches against former Washington tackle Trent Williams, Young showed tenacity, athleticism, an incredible football IQ and just brute strength in an all-time impressive game. 

How good was Young?

Since the NFL began tracking fumble recoveries and forced fumbles in 1999, Young became the only Washington player ever with a sack, forced fumble, fumble recovery and a touchdown in the same game.

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Understandably, the accolades are starting to pile up for Young, but this comment from ESPN analyst and former Washington safety Ryan Clark really stood out. 

Better than Jadeveon Clowney and a mixture of Derrick Henry and The Predator? 

That's high praise. What's crazier? It's well deserved.