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NFL Twitter explodes after Arizona converts Hail Mary

Football Team

Rolling out to his left, Kyler Murray had one play left to try and overcome a late Stefon Diggs touchdown. Launching a Hail Mary high into the air, Murray ended up connecting with his star wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins. 

With three Bills draped all over him, Hopkins converted on what's surely the play of the season so far -- showing the world that nothing is impossible when you're this athletic. 

Twitter erupted following the catch, with some of the sports world's elite expressing their awe. From MVPs in the NFL to the NBA, Hopkins won't forget this play for a long, long time. 

Hopkins' teammate had the face of America right away. 

One of the best receivers the sport has ever seen won't have to comb through any of the other day's highlights to find a better catch.

Down two points with the clock running down? No worries. This Hopkins response to Murray just exudes the sort of confidence that only a game-winning playmaker can have. 

NBA hoopers who have shown their leaping ability on the courts were also quite impressed with Hopkins' show of athleticism.