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No, FedEx Field didn't switch to turf this offseason

Football Team

On Sunday, the Washington Football Team tweeted a photo of FedEx Field's, well, field, along with a caption about how the NFL season is just about here:

Pretty standard post, correct? Not exactly.

Fans on social media quickly noticed how manicured the stadium's surface looked, which isn't something it's typically known for. And that prompted many to ask a question.

Did Washington switch over to turf during the offseason?

The answer to that is no.

In light of all the curiosity that the team's picture sparked, NBC Sports Washington reached out to someone familiar with the groundskeeping at the stadium to confirm that it still features grass. They did just that.

According to that person, FedEx Field's Bermuda grass was completely replaced in June. Fittingly, the sod used in that process came from the Carolina Green sod farm. That's just one more connection between the franchise and Ron Rivera's old employer.

The person also acknowledged that not hosting concerts and other non-football events, which was common in the past, contributed to the improved appearance. 

Those two factors are why it looks so sweet right now. As usual, the middle portion of the field will be replaced in the middle of the year if necessary. 

So, there you have it. You can stop your zooming in on the picture and screaming about the matter on Twitter. Go scream about something else instead. 

Mitch Tischler contributed to this report.