Let's take a look at Brady's super-short presser at FedEx Field


To watch Tom Brady's postgame presser following Tampa Bay's loss to Washington on Sunday, one must sit through a 15-second ad on the Buccaneers' website.

Brady's time behind the mic didn't span much more than that.

The video of Brady's press conference on the site runs for 55 seconds, but according to Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post, Brady stuck around for a bit longer than that footage reveals — as in, 45 seconds longer.

So, in all, the quarterback made himself available for, roughly, a minute and 40 seconds to generously break down what went so wrong at FedEx Field.

Let's further analyze his insightful session with the media, courtesy of these advanced stats...

  • According to the transcripts that were sent out following the Tampa-Washington matchup, Brady said a grand total of 92 words in response to the six questions he faced. That means he finished the afternoon with a 15.3 words-per-answer rate.
  • Taylor Heinicke, for comparison, needed 1,157 words to get through his Sunday back-and-forth with reporters, which included 15 questions. That equates to a 77.1 words-per-answer average, a number that is five times greater than Brady's. 
  • To close out Brady and the Bucs, Washington's offense went on a 10-minute, 26-second march that culminated in Antonio Gibson's emphatic, finishing touchdown. Simple math shows the drive chewed up 626 seconds of game clock. So, a person could either consume Brady's entire press conference — which carried on for 100 seconds — more than six times through or relive the Burgundy and Gold's best possession in 30 years one time. Both options are good options.
  • Judging by Brady's podium outfit, it was approximately -20 degrees in the visiting interview room. He's very Florida nowadays, apparently. Seriously, look at how many layers the guy is wearing: 
  • This last sentence of this obnoxious story, which is going to end up being a pretty sizable sentence yet also won't go down as anything that insane in terms of length once you think about it, will actually contain one more word in it than Brady's full Sunday chat with the media, and that is awfully telling, because again, this isn't very many words, but for Brady, he seemingly couldn't be bothered to speak this much and provide any useful or thoughtful answers about his or his team's subpar performance in Week 10.