The old switcharoo - Collins, Moreland change jersey numbers


When players get cut in the NFL it creates opportunity for other guys, but not all of those opportunities happen on the field. When the Washington Football Team released Adrian Peterson on Friday, safety Landon Collins saw a chance to go back to school. Kinda. Collins will wear 26 this year, the jersey number Peterson wore in Washington the last two seasons. With AP gone, Collins gets to wear the same jersey number that he wore at Alabama. Ironically, he will even get that number on his helmet, just like when he played for the Crimson Tide.

Collins posted a video of the new helmet to his Instagram page, and this mockup of Collins in 26 landed on IG too. 

Choosing jersey numbers in the NFL is a big game of dominoes, because with Collins going from 20 to 26, Jimmy Moreland is switching his jersey number from 32 to 20. Why?

It’s unclear, but could be something as simple as Moreland thinks it’s looks cooler. He wore No. 6 in college at James Madison. 

Ask most defensive backs and they prefer jersey numbers in the 20s to numbers in the 30s.

Don't forget either that Fabian Moreau already switched numbers earlier this offseason, going from 31 to 25. 

Thus concludes the report on secondary players changing numbers.