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One account shows there's plenty of momentum for Red Wolves team name

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One of the reasons fans have been drawn to the Washington Red Wolves name -- a suggestion for the next moniker of the franchise -- is because of what it represents.

Wolves run in packs and work together to get stronger and achieve a common goal. It's something all football teams strive to embody throughout the season. So far, that's exactly what the supports of the nickname have done.

Since being introduced by former Washington defensive back Fred Smoot, the Red Wolves movement has dominated social media. Each day brings new concepts, designs and mockups of logos, uniforms and more.

Recently, Instagram user "thedcwolfpack" compiled a collection of the copious amount of fan art that has come in surrounding the name. A look at all the different designs shows just how deep the "pack" runs for the Red Wolves.


The account will also individually display each design featured in the collage in order to spotlight the creators of the work. Not only has the name inspired a faction of the fanbase to get involved, but it has brought together a community of artists and given them a chance to share their creative work.

The passion behind the name is nothing new, as the supports have been vocal since it was announced in July that Washington's former moniker was being retired. Most tweets and posts have numerous replies referring to the name.

Just ask new team president Jason Wright, who was informed of the Red Wolves movement immediately after his role was announced, something he loved seeing.


“I think within 30 seconds of being announced, someone blew up my Twitter with Red Wolves propaganda," Wright said on the Washington Football Talk Podcast.

"This is a very aggressive campaign around Redwolves, which is wonderful. The passion is fantastic," Wright said. "You have fans that are so engaged on this and we are absolutely going to harness this."

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Wright has also sent out a cryptic tweet about the Red Wolves, demonstrating that he is clearly keeping an eye on the momentum behind it.

As Wright said, he appreciates the passion of the fans as this type of excitement will help make the next era of Washington Football unique and special. Based on the number of designs coming in, it doesn't look like the Red Wolves hype train will be slowing down any time soon.