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One analyst predicts Washington to get blown out in Week 2

Football Team

The Washington Football Team may have pulled off an impressive comeback victory over the Eagles on the backs of their elite pass rush, but they haven't gained the respect of the entire NFL community quite yet. 

As they look to improve to 2-0 on the season, they face a Cardinals team expected by many to be a contender in the NFC. While talking up Arizona, Bleacher Report's Adam Lefkoe gave Washington plenty of bulletin board material ahead of Week 2. 

"I said before the year that I think the Cardinals could start off 4-0, 5-0, because if they could beat the [49ers], these next few weeks: cake," Lefkoe said.

He even went on to predict a massive blowout for Kliff Kingsbury's squad, and a particularly bad performance from Dwayne Haskins. 

"They beat the Niners, they play Washington," he said. "I'll tell you right now, they're going to beat [Washington] by 30."

Murray is coming off a huge win in Week 1 over the 49ers, who like Washington, boasts an extremely talented defensive line. He threw for 290 yards, one touchdown and one interception, and ran for 91 yards and a touchdown while getting sacked twice. 

The challenge with Murray, especially if you have a great pass rush, is keeping Murray inside the pocket. If he senses pressure or the play breaks down, he is more than capable of getting to the perimeter and completing passes on the run. 

Washington won't be completely underprepared for him after facing a quarterback in Carson Wentz who's adept at extending plays with his feet. But Murray is a different challenge in that regard. 


It's hard to predict a 30-point blowout when the team you're expecting to get destroyed has such a formidable defense. But hey, DeSean Jackson gave this team bulletin board material in Week 1 and everything seemed to work out.