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Lack of offensive continuity apparent in Washington

Football Team

After riding their defense to a Week 1 win over Philadelphia, the Washington Football Team could not mask their offensive struggles in a Week 2 loss at Arizona. Following their performance against the Cardinals head coach Ron Rivera said his team has a “ways to go” offensively, even claiming it could take until next season for their full offense to be implemented.

CBS NFL analyst Charles Davis took notice of Rivera's comments and thinks the coach is on to something, especially coming off of a unique offseason.

“When Ron Rivera says that, it takes me back to the beginning of the season when the discussion by all of us was, ‘Ok, we know who we think are going to be good, it’s a crazy offseason, will that hold up?” Davis told the Sports Junkies on 106.7 The Fan on Tuesday morning. “And I think what we came down on was the word continuity, right? The teams that had continuity – coaching staff, core players, same system, things of that nature, and I think that has held up pretty well.”

“The Kansas City’s, Baltimore’s, you know teams who had it going for a little while, really good players, that’s held up. Washington? The continuity’s not there, it can’t be… And that’s why I think Ron Rivera is able to say, ‘We can’t do everything. The stuff we want to do we can’t put in yet, we can’t get there.’”

Washington is coming off a season in which they ranked 31st in total offseason, leading to a 3-13 record and a lot of offseason changes. Two games is obviously a small sample size, but this year they again rank 31st in total offense, only ahead of the New York Jets.


“Washington I think is still building at certain positions, they have talent just ask Carson Wentz!” Davis said. “The defensive front got to him eight times! So that’s the type of thing you’re going to see, but on the offensive side of the ball I think Ron Rivera is spot on and he’s being very honest about the whole thing, because there isn’t the continuity there for them.”