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One number to know for Washington's meeting with Bengals

Football Team

Before every Washington Football Team game this year, Pete Hailey will identify one key number that you must know regarding that contest.

Here is his number for the Week 11 showdown with the Bengals.


Everyone knows that Washington is having issues with falling behind in 2020. Ron Rivera knows it, the rest of his staff knows it, his players know it, you know it, your dog knows it, your kids know it and your phone probably knows it too, since your phone seems to listen to everything, so it's definitely heard you complaining about it.

But the point of this edition of this illustrious story series is to succinctly sum up just how bad the Burgundy and Gold have been to begin their games using a single number.

Through nine matchups so far, Washington has faced an average halftime deficit of 8.4 points. Winning in the NFL when the score is 0-0 and there's 60 minutes to play is already difficult enough, and Rivera's club is basically trying to climb out of an eight-point hole in just 30 minutes on a weekly basis.

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It's not like there's an outlier or two that's driving that average up, either. 

Here's a breakdown of where they've been through two quarters each time they've taken the field: Down 10, down 20, down 10, down 11, down 10, down 3, up 19 (thanks Dallas), down 17 and down 14.


That is so gross!!!

This stat also explains so many of the other problems the Football Team has been dealing with this year.

Scott Turner's offense has one of the league's most unproductive rushing attacks, and it's not going to get better if they continue to spot their opponents quick leads. Neither will the fact that his QBs have been getting sacked at one of the highest rates in the sport.

As for Jack Del Rio's defense, their strength should be getting to the passer, and in some metrics, it is. However, they can't get to the passer if that passer doesn't need to pass because his side is already up by so much on the scoreboard. After all, Washington has seen the second-fewest passing attempts in 2020.

At this point of the schedule, you'd hope that someone would've found a solution for this area, or that it would at least be trending upward. Neither of those things have happened yet, though, and if they don't happen against the Bengals, there's a very good chance Washington will lose to yet another foe that is far from formidable.